NewDoar Thickness Climbing Harness(Black 2)

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Material:The half body Harnessis made of High strength polyester,Strong and Secure. SAFETY FIRST - CE 1282 EN353-1:2002, Half body climbing Harness you can trust. Seat Belt Weight limited:300KG / 661 lbs, breaking strength 22KN.Tension◎15KN, Weight:1.23Ib(560g)
One Size Fit All:Thicken Safety Harness fits well on all size,waist 29.5" to 51.2"(75cm-130cm), Leg 20.4"to 27.5"(52cm-70cm). Well on all ages and can be shared by the whole family. Easy to operate, wear and remove.
Reinforced belay loop:Light weight Harness with reinforced belay loop, special construction guarantees excellent weight distribution keep you while climbing for optimal comfort.
Wide Range of Uses: Perfecting for mountaineering, rappelling, tree climbing, indoor & outdoor climbing, rock climbing, outward band, fire rescue, arborist, working on the higher level etc. Comfortable cushioning to ensure safety during rock climbing.
Tool ring:There is 1 tool ring on the right side of the rock climbing Harness, which makes it so easy to carry more climbing rope, chalk bag, grappling hook, belay device or other tree climbing gear rappelling gear. Two steel Adjustable Wait and Leg buckles allow waist belt to be adjusted and secured in a single movement.