NewDoar Fixed Plate Micro Pulley,26KN CE Certified(26KN Blue 1pcs)

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[Specification] 1.77 inch(4.5cm)*3.2 inch(8.2cm),The maximum load up to 26kN /5848 lb,Net Weight:0.19Ib(90g),Sheave Diameter: 0.8 inch / 21 mm.

[Applicable Rope] Compatible with wide range of ropes up to 13 mm /0.5 inch, for complex rescue / hauling system setup.

[Durable] High-quality micro pulley which is the heart of a good doubled-rope climbing system.high durability to satisfy all your requirements, Light, compact and quick to install on the rope.

[Easy to carry] The Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Material is light yet durable.Weighs only :0.19Ib(90g),EN12278 CE 1019.

[Wide Application] This micro pulley excels great as well in many other applications, such as hauling, transporting or other mechanical advantages.