NewDoar 30KN CE Certified Large Rescue Pulley Single Sheave with Swing Plate

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[Material] Anodized light alloy Swing side plates and pulleys for easy and rapid rope installation and removal! Net Weight:0.6 Ib(270g); Dimensions:3.23"W(8.1 cm) * 4.8"L(12.2 cm).

[Single Pulley] Breaking Strength:30kN / 6746 lb for high durability to satisfied your requirements.

[Applicable Rope] Compatible with wide range of ropes up to 16mm /0.6 inch. for complex rescue / hauling system setup.

[Hanging Design] The hanging point is an elliptical design, so that the force is even when hanging, and the rolling tension is 16KN. great for a variety of industrial and sports applications.

[Widely Use] Rock climbing pulley for mountain rescue, tower work, ski patrol or whatever requires block and tackle system.For hauling big load, large pulley is much more better and easier.